Gun Magnet

$19.99 $28.99

Now you can conceal you gun anywhere! This magnet is the strongest and most durable on the market, capable of supporting up to 25 pounds! Just attach the magnet into the bottom of your driver's seat, table, desk, bedside table, etc. and stick your gun onto it for an easy and accessible draw! It is strong enough that you can mount your handgun perpendicular or parallel. Made with neodymium magnets which are also known as rare earth magnets and are the strongest type of permanent magnet commercially available!



Measures 2.48 inch * 1.06 inch * 0.67 inch

Specialized polymer

Capable of supporting up to 25lbs

Incredibly resistant to demagnetization

Easily holds fully loaded Glocks, XDMs, .45s and almost anything else you can throw at it