• Are You Looking For a Way to Truly Conceal and Carry?
  • Are You Tired of Concealed Holsters That Are Bulky and Bulge?
  • Ready for a Comfortable and Fast Way to Conceal Your Weapon?

If you’ve ever tried to carry and conceal your favorite handgun you know
traditional leather holsters are a hassle.

  • Bulky Leather Holsters Don’t Conceal - They Bulge!
  • Uncomfortable Shoulder Straps Mean You Can’t Take Off Your Jacket!
  • Hot and Uncomfortable Holsters Force You To Leave Your Gun at Home!
  • And Traditional Holsters Can Be Expensive!

TechnaClip Is The Answer to Concealed Carry!

  • Quick and Easy to Install!
  • No Added Bulk, Nothing Extra to Carry!
  • Makes Your Gun Truly Concealable Anywhere You Can Clip It On!
  • TechnaClip Puts Your Handgun Where it's Accessible!
  • Easily Conceal Your Gun By Clipping it to Your Belt or Waistband!
  • No Hot and Heavy Holsters to Fumble With –Just a Simple Clip!

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What good does a concealable holster do you if you have to fumble with one more step when you need your gun - quickly?

What good does a bulky holster do you if it is uncomfortable and causes you to leave your gun at home?

Other concealable holsters hardly conceal.

TechnaClip eliminates the problems you hate with every other type of concealment option

And We Guarantee It!

Try TechnaClip – and if you are not completely, 100% satisfied with the ease of installation, the quicker response by eliminating a traditional holster and the lack of bulk causes by other options, we’ll refund your money,

Don’t leave your gun at home because of issues with your current carry accessory.

Get a Techna Clip for your Gun Today!

  • Eliminate Bulk!
  • Easy to Conceal!
  • Quick Draw!
  • Installs in Seconds!
  • Light Weight!
  • Fastens Directly to Gun!
  • Inexpensive!