If you have ever tried to conceal carry your favorite handgun, you know that traditional holsters can be a hassle. Many CCW users find that traditional holsters are bulky, uncomfortable and hard to conceal. Because of these issues frustrated carriers leave their guns at home.

At Techna Clip we recognized that there was a need in the conceal carry community for a comfortable, zero-bulk, simple alternative to a holster. A minimalistic option for concealed carry that would make it easy to grab your gun on-the-go.

That’s when we developed the Techna Clip concealment system.

Techna Clip is truly a minimalist solution for those who carry concealed. It’s a concealable gun clip that easily affixes to your sidearm to deliver a secure, lightweight and discreet carry option – without a holster.

The Techna Clip installs quickly with no modification to your firearm. Allowing you to securely conceal your pistol in your pocket, waist, or in the small of your back – with confidence! It eliminates bulk while providing a comfortable and versatile way to carry.

Techna Clip has a strong following of law enforcement, military personnel and CCW users around the world that prefer to carry with the Techna Clip.

Techna Clip is constantly working on new models, if we don’t have a model your looking for, let us know! Chances are we have it in development.