Some people cite President Obama’s re-election for the recent surge in gun sales; however, is the true culprit the innuendos of the Apocalypse and zombie fears that are stirring worries in the hearts of Americans nationwide?

As television shows bring Zombie Apocalypse fears into homes across America, stirring troubled minds and fueling fear, Washington State reports that gun advocates are citing Black Friday’s surge in gun sales as being directly related to the troublesome worries that zombies may indeed attack.

Interestingly, several ammunition companies have followed suit, introducing zombie cartridges that are designed to be powerful weapons against these brain-dead, potentially diseased human targets.

As zombie-themed merchandise becomes popular this holiday season, so does gun-ownership with an entirely new generation. Suddenly, instead of guns being associated with fathers and grandfathers, Generation X and Y are becoming gun owners, fearful of Apocalypse predictions.

The immense popularity of the hit show “Walking Dead” prophesizes that humans must prepare for this immanent zombie apocalypse and companies, such as REI, are even offering survival training with a zombie twist, gaining intense interest and rapidly selling out within minutes. Their survival class takes an environmental approach to tackling beastly zombies, including touting hydration packs, storm proof matches, a survival knife, tactical flashlight, utility cord, insulated vest, trail shoes, energy foods, mini playing cards, moleskin first aid kit, hand-crank radio, signal mirror and a utilitarian cast-iron skillet.

Colorful ammunition with bloody, oozy zombies on the box is a definite hit and most companies can’t even keep them stocked on the shelves. While zombie memorabilia is hotter than Satan’s left hand (sorry atheists), guns and weapons are the must have season accessory for this holiday season.

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