With the political arena erupting with the latest IRS scandal and Benghazi, will President Obama’s gun control agenda be derailed? Vice President Joe Biden and four U.S. Senators are promising to revive gun regulation proposals.

With Capitol Hill being the subject of intense political fireworks and the revelation that the IRS was targeting Tea Party members, gun rights advocates predict the administration’s efforts will be forced on other damage control energies, subsequently putting the gun control issue on the back burner.

While some representatives believe that the IRS news was leaked to help deflect attention from the Benghazi scandal, administration supporters question this, asking why the administration would simply substitute one scandal for another.

Washington State’s governor, Jay Inslee, has stated that he will still propose gun control measures during the state’s legislative session. However, with reports published from Pew Research and the Bureau of Justice Statistics, highlighting the decrease in gun-related crimes and homicides, Inslee’s proposal may be met with some resistance.

The Obama administration, still recovering from their recent humiliation and defeat of the Senate’s expanded gun control measures, which included not renewing a ban on full-capacity magazines and assault weapons.

Gun advocates predict that the administration will spend the remainder of their three years deflecting other issues, helping take the wind out of their banned gun control sails.

However, reports also say that key GOP lawmakers may still try to improve the current system, helping to keep felons and those banned from owning guns from obtaining firearms, proposing restricted access. The National Instant Criminal Background Check System is required to be reauthorized before the end of 2013. This could allow the issue of restricting guns from those that are mentally ill to reprise.

Despite predictions, the upcoming months will reveal if the House and Senate will in fact tackle any gun control bills or measures, especially after the recent stinging defeat that the administration is reeling from.

While the demand for proper gun training grows with the U.S. public, especially those looking for self-protection with robberies and physical assaults increasing in certain areas of the country, it remains to be seen how the gun control debate will play out.

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