Glocks have an impeccable reputation for ease of use and reliability. Appealing to both beginner and expert shooters alike, the Glock is known for minimal malfunction and is one of the most popular weapons in law enforcement. Widely used in competitive shooting events, the Glock has gained popularity among civilians.

The cold-hammer forged steel barrel features a polygonal rifting that helps to improve service life, ultimately increasing the weapon's accuracy. The nitride finish is durable and corrosion resistance, making it exceptionally low maintenance compared to other handguns.

The Glock Safe Action System is also widely known as a desirable safety feature. Made from three external and internal safeties, the gun cannot be fired unless the trigger is fully depressed. This means that Glocks will not accidently fire from falls. In fact, the Safe Action System disengages when the trigger is depressed and automatically reengages once the trigger is released. This is a central feature that makes this handgun excellent for both off-duty and concealed carry.

One of the most popular concealed carry Glocks is the Baby Glock, known as the G26. This subcompact, high capacity and 9mm semi-automatic pistol is regularly used as a backup gun or for concealed carry.

The Glock 27 offers concealed carry holders nine rounds of .40 S&W ammunition in an attractive, compact weapon. This caliber of Glocks is the most popular among U.S. police officers. This weapon has gained popularity with government organizations because it allows officers to easily train with and use the identical ammunition in their assigned full-size weapons.

Additionally, the Glock 30S is a .45 caliber that balances capacity, weight and size for excellent concealed carry. With a 10 plus one capacity, this subcompact pistol is 20.28 ounces empty, but packs a heavy punch on the shooting range.

Among the most popular Glock models is the Glock 19, which is a compact 9mm weapon. With a mere four-inch barrel, this weapon holds 15 rounds and weighs a mere 21 ounces. A little harder to conceal, this weapon is easy to shoot, which boosts both men's and women's accuracy.

Time and again magazines, news reports, blogs and website taught the benefits of Glock concealed carry. Initially designed as a combat pistol, this weapon is compact and designed for concealed and handheld carry, which makes it a leading choice among concealed carry holders.

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