In a world where the news highlights bloodshed and brutality, many people debate the causes of violence. Is violence caused by environmental trends, biologic tendencies or the act of owning weapons? What is causing the nation’s trend towards violent crimes? In reality, the answer does not lie in gun ownership, but a severe and rapid decline in the morals of citizens throughout the U.S.

What does violence have to do with gun legislation? Can’t violent people act without guns, even with rocks, knives or running someone over with a vehicle in anger? Does the blunt force trauma of someone being beaten to death fall on deaf ears?

While many people only see what they want to, they focus on gun violence in the media. Our U.S. Constitution affords federal government rights, but assigns the majority of power to the states, not the executive and legislative branches of government. Additionally, when our forefathers specifically included the right to bear arms in the Bill of Rights, they did not include any exceptions. There was no fine print highlighting who was and was not permitted to own weapons. It was simple: Americans had the right to defend their freedom and own arms, whether for self defense, hunting or purely recreational purposes.

Curiously enough, many gun control advocates have turned the unfortunate Boston Massacre instance, which included bombings, to advocate their anti-gun platform. What do bombings and guns have to do with one another? The Unibomber used bombs and not guns in his deadly mail rampages. The terrorist bombers that sought to inflict injury upon the masses in Boston did not attack crowds with guns, yet guns somehow come under fire in this violence debate. How are the two related? By the simple act of violence, not guns.

The root of most firearm rampages lies in killers having no morals or regard for human life. Perhaps that’s because our society is beginning to be void of its virtuous origins, with no one wanting to offend religious endeavors, but the bottom line is this: religion is founded on strong morals and virtuous honor. People can critique Christian-based religions, but if they truly understood the nature of the Ten Commandments, they would understand that “Though shalt not kill” is a requirement. While most people consider the act of killing a human being to be immoral, there are a select few people that have violent tendencies, as fueled by our morally declining society. Christian-based religions highlight a variety of illegal acts, proclaiming them to be immoral, including lying and stealing. The bottom line is that these ethics are necessary to instill in American society, whether they are religious or not, they offer a common sense approach to eliminating violence.

In fact, the real question posed is: when will people begin to take responsibility for society’s moral decline and downfall instead of simply looking for the easy scapegoat of guns? Instead of focusing on zero-tolerance gun legislation, perhaps America should transfer their energy into to zero-tolerance violence control. It would be a far more productive fight that would reap long-standing benefits, especially for today’s youth.

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