As an American, you have the right to own guns. You also have a common-sense duty to help protect that right, which means focusing on being a safe gun owner. Every time a gun incident occurs and makes the evening news, it’s one more strike against pro-gun ownership and another statistic for liberal news media to exploit.

Being a responsible gun owner is simple. It means practicing and teaching proper gun handling techniques, showing people that guns are deadly weapons that are only used when force is required. Guns are ideal for defending families from attackers, especially during home invasions, which can often result in violent crimes, rapes, beatings and even death.

It’s important that Americans preserve and constitutionally defend their right to bear arms, as this Second Amendment right gives Americans freedom from tyranny and oppression, something our forefathers fought strongly against. While our generation may not know the definition of tyranny or have experienced a significant revolt against a Mother Country, such as Boston’s legendary Tea Party, our ancestors felt stifled and controlled by England, which imposed heavy taxation and burdens upon successful American entrepreneurs.

In a land where freedom reigns supreme, our society has focused on creativity, individualism and leadership, showing entrepreneurs that living here is beneficial for growing businesses and our nation’s economy.

Instead of guns once being preserved for self-defense, liberal politicians and media outlets have exploited them into something that is commonly associated with hostility, anger and revenge.

As law-abiding Americans, we have the constitutional duty to be responsible and not sell weapons to people that obviously suffer from forms of instability, are dangerous or mentally ill. This does not mean we are responsible for conducting a thorough medical exam, as most citizens are not qualified mental health experts. It just means that if something does not feel right and a background check does not check out, forgo selling the person a gun. This advice is not only for private gun owners, but also for gun sellers.

In a world that revolves around social media and Google searches, run a quick background check on your Smartphone. If a YouTube video pops up that shows the person explaining why Americans must die or how they want to retaliate against bullies at school, calmly back out of the gun sale and report your findings to the local authorities. The sale of a gun is not worth the money and consider the lives you could be saving. In fact, you’d be making our forefathers proud, as you’re contributing to preserving the valued Second Amendment that they valiantly fought for, helping to preserve our constitutional freedoms and ensure that we are never met with government tyranny and forced taxation without representation.

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