Most states require that concealed carry permit holders receive proper gun training before being granted a license to conceal carry a weapon. This type of training is general and often includes basic marksmanship, safe gun handling, and discusses local laws that pertain to self-defense regulations.

These types of classes also explain where concealed guns may or may not be carried and how to safely conceal carry a weapon. However, not all states require that concealed carry applicants demonstrate that they have the abilities to safely carry and fire handguns before receiving a concealed weapon permit.

Popular goals for responsibly armed citizens that wear gun belt clips, include the following:

  • Practice using a human-size target and fire rounds out to a minimum of 25 yards. Practice using one hand, both hands, and the non-dominant hand. This allows shooters to prepare for any event, should he/she become wounded in the dominant hand and not be able to defend his/her family. 
  • Learn laws related to self-defense, which allows shooters to instantly recognize situations where they are legally allowed and entitled to use deadly force.
  • Situational awareness training helps concealed gun holders instinctively recognize situations before they happen. This can include violent crime, confrontations, etc. These types of skills develop from years of studying and practice via firearm self-defense and handgun tactic courses.
  • When paying for gun training, training that is more expensive is generally better and more helpful. Cheaper training can lack in-depth details and extensive gun knowledge.

Choosing a concealed weapon can be an overwhelming choice. Most defensive types of concealed carry handguns are either revolvers or semi-automatic pistols. Semi-automatic gun advantages include larger ammunition capacities, faster reloads and easier concealment. With the absence of bulky cylinders, semi-automatics are significantly easier to conceal under garments, which makes them one of the most popular choices for gun belt clips.

The best type of self-defense ammunition is a hollow point bullet, as this type of bullet expands on impact. It is used by many police forces around the U.S.

The most popular types of concealed carry weapons include the Ruger LC9 clip, Sig P238 belt clip, LCP 380 holster and many more. Techna Clip is regularly releasing new, popular models to concealed carry, which can help broaden the selection for concealed carry experts.