Smith & Wesson(R) manufacturers the Bodyguard(R) 380 handgun, which is a best selling pistol. This .380 auto caliber has the capacity to hold six plus one additional round. With a barrel length of only 2.75 inches, this compact double action weapon has a total length of 5.25 inches. With a front sight made of durable stainless steel, the rear sight is drift adjustable. The polymer grip makes this weapon easy to shoot and draw for fast protection. With a total weight of 11.85 ounces, this weapon is ideal for concealed carry, making it a top-notch handgun for personal protection and professional duty.

This stellar handgun breaks in well and offers second strike capabilities, a safety lever, adjustable sights, a loaded chamber indicator, a sliding lock after the last round, a slide stop lever and a convenient built-in laser. Experts agree that with a holster, this weapon is perfect for concealed or pocket carry. 

Numerous accessories are compatible with this police-preferred weapon.

  • Bodyguard Belt Clip - Techna Clip offers a custom LCP 380 belt clip that turns this lightweight weapon into an exceptional concealed carry firearm. This patented belt clip is easy to install and doesn't add any bulk to the handgun. The gun is truly concealable anywhere the belt clip is securely fitted. This includes front and back pockets, as well as waistbands. This belt clip, unlike other complicated holsters, fastens directly to the gun and offers concealed carriers the ability to quickly draw the weapon in self-defense situations.
  • Trigger Guard - The Bodyguard trigger guard is made of Kydex, which is a durable, tough and chemical resist high-performance plastic. This guard is ideal for weapons that feature triggers that are not covered, allowing shooters to pull the convenient cord and immediately fire their weapons.
  • Post and Screw Replacements - As with any used weapons, firearms eventually require binding post and screw replacements. Techna Clip offers this combination replacement part at an affordable price.
  • Gun Cleaning Cloth - All firearms require regular cleaning. This helps to avoid rust, tarnish or grime from damaging the weapon's stainless steel black matte finish. Gun cloths are designed to lock out moisture, remove fingerprints and corrosive oils and prevent metal oxidation. Environmentally safe and non-toxic, Techna Clip's gun cleaning clothes include a re-sealable store bag.
  • Gun Clip - The Bodyguard .380 offers an optional extended 15-round magazine. Made of heat-treated blued steel, the magazine features a base-plated that is molded from Zytel, a lock-plate and a spring-wound chrome-silicon wire that is proven to be strong and reliable. The total length of the extended magazine is 7.5 inches.  Due to state and federal laws, this magazine is not available in New York City, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts and New York.

Techna Clip is a premier gun belt clip carrier and specializes in carrying an assortment of handgun accessories. They also offer a dealer program, which is perfect for gun shops in states that endorse concealed carry laws.