With the fall season well on its way, many state officials are now warning motorists to lookout for deer on roadways. Breeding season each year poses an additional risk for motorists because they traditionally move about a lot more when it’s time to find a mate. Every year, deer hunters all over the U.S. look forward to the beginning of deer season. Though it can be an exciting time of year for avid hunters, it does still come with a few dangers.

Each year the risk of hitting a deer on roadways increases from October through January. Deer are usually on the move more at dawn and dusk. Statistics show that the majority of accidents involving automobiles hitting a deer occur in November. Each year over a million motor accidents occur involving deer. Thousands of motorists are injured and about 200 of those die as a result of the crash.

These collisions can cause extensive damage to your vehicle as well. The department of public safety reports that most of the serious injuries and fatalities come as a result of the driver trying to take evasive action.


What to do if You Realize You’re About to Hit a Deer

Officials recommend not swerving if you see a deer in the road unless you’re certain there are no oncoming cars. Also, if you instantly realize that an accident is imminent and are able to swerve out of the way, be cautious of hitting trees and light poles or other objects along the roadside.
While it can be very dangerous to hit a deer going 60 miles an hour, try to remember that most fatalities occur when the driver swerves into oncoming traffic or cranks the wheel too hard and rolls the vehicle. These dangers are far more serious than actually just hitting the deer. Don’t slam on your brakes! Apply your brakes firmly and hold tightly to the steering wheel with both hands. Bring the car to a full stop in a safe location off the shoulder.


What Should You Do About The Dead Deer?

If you are certain that the deer is dead, then carefully remove it from the roadway if possible. Avoid touching the deer. If the creature is still alive, it can knock you down with its powerful legs. Authorities recommend calling 911 and telling them where it’s located and letting them take care of it. You will need to fill out a police report for your auto insurance carrier anyway.


Can you Keep the Deer Meat?

In most states, the answer is no. It’s against the law to claim the deer carcass without a permit. You can, however, ask the police officer for a permit to keep the deer meat if you like, but this up to the discretion of the law enforcement officer.
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