The following highlights tips for new concealed carry gun holders. It is important to note, this is not a comprehensive list, but simply offers advice for people that are new to concealed carry.

  • Be Proficient and Know the Law – The first and foremost rule before concealed carrying is to know the law. Even though someone may be authorized to concealed carry, it is vital they know all state rules and regulations. Most states require people carry the concealed carry weapons permit in order to carry a gun. Without this permit, it is illegal to conceal carry. Additionally, being authorized to conceal carry in one state, does not give reciprocity to conceal carry in another state. Have fluent knowledge about state self-defense laws, including what constitutes deadly force in self-defense situations. Understanding the law can help prevent you from being charged with criminal acts.
  • Concealing Your Gun – When armed, it is important to properly conceal carry your weapon. The essential rule is that the weapon must remain concealed until you decide to make it known you are carrying. A LCP 380 holster likely does not require any changes to wardrobe, but a full size 1911 will. It is important to find the right type of gun belt clip, which is personalized for each type of gun.
  • Know Your Role – Just because you conceal carry does not obligate you to act in public situations. You can simply be a witness to a crime, especially if deadly force is not acceptable in a situation. Just because you conceal carry does mean that saving the day would ensure a favorable outcome. It is important to assess each situation thoroughly and accurately. Your response to approach the shooter could result in a deadly shootout, which results in innocent lives being lost. Each situation is different and not necessarily textbook. Just keep in mind that you are not a police officer.
  • Do Not Bluff – When facing a deadly threat, do not bluff a criminal. If you plan to bluff, you have no business concealed carrying. It is simply a recipe for disaster. Do not draw your gun unless you are willing to shoot. If you are bluffing, it is inevitable that you will hesitate, which gives the criminal the upper hand. A hardened criminal has no qualms about shooting you.
  • Be Ready to Take on a Fight – Never assume that because you conceal carry you can not take on an assailant with a good old fashioned fist fight. For example, if a criminal is drunk and waving a gun, it may be better to disable the situation by hand, rather than escalate it with another gun.

If concealed carrying, it is best to be safe than sorry. Being a glory seeker can ultimately lead to innocent people losing their lives. Assess the situation beyond a reasonable doubt and then react.

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