Most people assume the war on women concerns workplace and education equality; however, in today’s violent war there is another war on women: one that restricts their rights to self-defense and freedom of carry.

Amanda Collins, recently testified before a legislative committee in Colorado, explaining how she was against the proposed legislation gun ban. Collins testified that having a blanket ban on weapons on all college campuses was preposterous, and had she been permitted to concealed carry on campus, it could have avoided her own traumatic rape.

Collin’s who was attending the University of Nevada at Reno had a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, in addition to a concealed carry permit. However, the college campus had a ban on concealed carry and a zero tolerance policy for weapons. Defenseless against a man who attacked her, he placed a pistol to her head and brutally raped her. This man is now on death row, serving sentences for the rape and gruesome murder of yet another victim.

This leads many women to wonder what happened to their “rights to choose.” Don’t women have the right to defend themselves against violent acts? These violent acts aren’t simply one-time events, but events that lead to severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, scaring, anxiety, depression and even times reclusiveness.

Unfortunately for Collins, pouring her heart out to a political panel had its own backlash. She was told that even if she had been able to carry a weapon and pulled it on her attacker, statistics showed that it would have been used against her as a woman. While these politicians were not there at the time of Collin’s brutal rape, they forced their own judgments of this tragic event. Fair, we think not. Collins should have had the right to defend herself both physically and from the long-term mental effects this event has inflicted upon her.

Collins has been hailed and acclaimed by the National Rifle Association. Not simply a legislative lobbyist for gun rights, the NRA promotes empowered gun ownership, combined with safe and responsible gun handling techniques. Now the face for “The New War on Women,” Collins is speaking up for women’s rights everywhere, hoping to change the face of America’s freedoms.

Many of these same politicians are simply advising women to vomit, urinate or claim they are menstruating to avoid rape. Are these politicians serious? Their advice and rhetoric towards women is not only ridiculous but also deeply insulting to the female gender. What woman wants to worry about taking a morning after pill simply because she wasn’t able to defend herself from a brutal attack?

Ultimately, the Colorado legislature did not back Collin’s testimony and failed to repeal the campus carry laws. This eye-opener of a story highlights the dark ages in which our politicians live, one that doesn’t support the right to defend oneself against harm, severe threat or death.

Techna Clip supports the NRA’s efforts to work with victims who have suffered gun-related tragedies. Tomorrow’s generation doesn’t simply face the uphill battle of being a woman in a male’s world, but faces the battle to retain her body as her own sanctuary. Technca Clip supports concealed carry rights for both men and women. They offer a selection of gun belt clips, including those for the Ruger IC9 clip and Sig Sauer gun clip.