Situational awareness is responsible for saving thousands of lives. While society dictates that people should not judge or assume the worst about someone, it’s been proven time and again that when people feel something is not right, it’s for a reason. Whether people believe this is a religious spirit telling them to pay attention to their surroundings, a heightened sense of reality or a touch of psychic abilities, the truth is that some people are more in touch with inner feelings that relate to situational awareness.

This article highlights what NOT to do when situational awareness is at its peak.

  • Observation – People should never stop observing their environments. This is similar to employing defensive driving tactics. Observing the environment helps people highlight unusual or odd behavior or out of place objects.  If someone or something stands out as triggering situational awareness, it’s best to keep an eye on the situation. People should keep in mind that hindsight is 20/20 and victims often say they had an odd feeling about the situation and something didn’t feel right. To help avoid becoming a victim, people need to listen to these inner feelings and tune into their heighted emotional senses. Instincts are for a reason: they help cue the mind into recognizing when danger lies ahead.
  • Being Too Nice – While society teaches children from birth that they have to be overly nice and accommodating, this isn’t necessarily so. Children have a heightened, untainted sense of awareness, as do animals. Being nice is respectful, but if someone feels threatened, it’s acceptable to stop being nice. This includes protecting personal space and not letting people invade it. Keep boundaries and be insistent that those boundaries be met.
  • Don’t Panic – The worst thing someone can do in a dangerous situation is to panic. Panicking doesn’t save lives and neither does going into shock. To help people regain control of a situation, it’s best to breathe and focus on situational awareness. This helps the mind refocus and ultimately overcome shock and panic. Stay calm and avoid acting like the victim, as it’s important to access the situation and take control.
  • Conclusions – If in doubt of a situation, it’s best to leave. Calling law enforcement is advisable, as taking situations into untrained civilian hands doesn’t always end well. It’s important to keep out of physical and legal trouble by avoiding unnecessary situations. However, if someone ends up being thrown into a situation, it’s important to act, but civilians need to remember they’re not trained officers and it’s not their responsibility to patrol society.
  • Threats – It’s important that civilians never intimidate or threaten an attacker. This means that unless bodily harm is being committed or the attacker is brandishing a weapon, it’s best to keep concealed carry weapons at bay. The only reason anyone should ever use their concealed carry weapon is if his/her life is threatened or they fear his/her life is in perilous danger.

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