Opening for business in 1949, Sturm, Ruger and Co. is a relatively young company in comparison to many of the conglomerate mega gun giants, such as Sig Sauer and Winchester. In spite of competing against these major manufacturers, Ruger has been able to make an innovative name, introducing groundbreaking concepts that have made them a modern-day, respected company.

In 1949, Ruger introduced their first .22 Ruger pistol, which has now become the bestselling .22 autoloading pistols in history. In fact, more than 2 million to date have been produced and sold. The reason this pistol revolutionized the gun industry is that it features innovative design aspects, which give the frame a convenient slide and the magazine helps to contribute to the affordable, reliable design.

Despite the fact that Ruger entered the retail gun market with a rimfire semi-automatic pistol, the company waited several decades before producing a centerfire semi-automatic pistol. In 1987, the entrance of the double action P85 9mm pistol marked the company’s entrance into the pistol market.

Identical to the ever-evolving .22 pistols produced by Ruger, the P-Series centerfire has also seen many changes, with in-depth refinement, evolution and redevelopment over several years. Ruger continually strives to make modern-day guns that push limits and are refined for any gun collection.

The infamous Ruger LC9 is among one of the best selling guns and is a 9mm. Featuring a recoil-operated, double action, locked breech, semi-automatic pistol with safety features, this gun is lightweight, which makes it ideal for concealed carry. In contrast, the Ruger LC380 features advanced gun options, similar to those on Ruger LC9, both of which highlight more advancements than on the Ruger LCP.

Fortunately, for concealed carry permit holders that are looking for lightweight, reliable and rugged firearms, Ruger is an ideal choice. Easy for both genders to carry, this gun is simple to use, which makes it the preferred choice for personal protection and home invasions. This weapon is also perfect for practicing, helping gun owners advance to heavyweight guns that feature more recoil and require advanced gun knowledge and practice.

Techna Clip offers several gun belt clips that specifically tailor to the Ruger LCP, including the following:

  • Ruger LCP Belt Clip (Right and Left Side) – Making sure these are specifically designed for right-handed or left-handed gun drawers, these models are Techna Clip’s best selling gun clips.
  • Ruger LC9 Gun Clip and LC Clip – This kit does not offer compatibility with the new LC9s, but does safely carry other Ruger LC9 models. These Kydex Trigger Guards snap over the exposed trigger, helping reduce any accidental shooting risks.*
  • Ruger LC9 Clip – This Ruger LC or LC9 9mm belt clip is perfect for these best-selling models, but is not compatible with the latest LC9 releases.


*Techna Clip is not liable for any accidental firings or misfires that may occur. Techna Clip is hereby held harmless from any liability and/or indemnity losses.