Techna Clip offers a number of popular gun belt clips, including those specifically designed for the Ruger ICP clip, Sig Sauer belt clip and ICP 360 holsters. As a proponent of gun safety, Techna Clip supports gun education and training.

The National Rifle Association offers a number of educational and training programs for gun users. Whether someone is an experienced gun owner, a prospective gun owner or a hunter desiring advanced training, shooters of all levels of expertise can participate in local gun training.

The National Rifle Association offers a number of local classes, which may include:

Training Classes – Ranging from classes that specialize in teaching beginners, intermediate or advanced shooters, the National Rifle Association works with more than 65,000 instructors, 3,800 coaches and 1,700 training counselors to ensure that gun safety measures are proactively taught. Advanced shooters can also receive special training for shooting and rifle competitions that include high school and collegiate, as well as national competitions.

Hunting Services – The United States has more than 2.3 million hunters. The National Rifle Association offers a number of programs, including those designed for youth hunters, advanced hunting skills training and even wildlife conservation skills. They believe that humankind should be good land stewards and promote not only safe gun handling practices, but also preserving hunting traditions for further generations. They also offer focused classes that teach young hunters different research techniques and tactical methods.

Women’s Programs – The National Rifle Association offers a number of programs designed specifically for women. Whether a woman desires personal safety classes, gun safety, marksmanship lessons, hunting lessons, advanced gun knowledge, competitive shooting classes or recreational shooting lessons, there are a number of programs for all skill levels. They offer the following programs for women:

Improve Personal Safety Strategies

Learn to Shoot

Hunt with the Women of NRA

Attend NRA’s Women’s Wilderness Escape

Marksmanship Skills

Attend NRA’s Women’s Outdoor Adventure

Learn NRA’s Gun Safety Rules

Find a Place to Shoot

Take a NRA Course

Explore Competitive Shooting

Women’s Scholarships

NRA Women’s Network

Youth Training – The National Rifle Association works with a number of national youth organizations, helping set up shooting programs, gun safety training and recreational shooting opportunities, as well as competitive shooting events.

Gunsmithing – The National Rifle Association offers gunsmithing schools and courses that teach gunsmithing, checkering, bluing, stockmaking, parkerizing and engraving. They also offer courses that specialize in the AR-15 rifle, Cold Model 1911 pistol, English gunsmithing, law enforcement classes and tuning revolvers and long guns.