Republic Governor Paul LePage signed a bill into law that allows Maine gun owners to carry concealed weapons without a permit. This practice known as “constitutional carry,” allows Maine to join five other states – Alaska, Wyoming, Arizona and Kansas. Montana and Arkansas have limited forms of this law and Vermont has never required concealed carry permits.

The U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment helps to protect citizens’ right to own and bear firearms and has recently helped to further expand gun rights in many states.

Before this law was passed, Maine allowed gun owners to open carry without a permit, but concealed carry required a license fee, background check, “good moral character” judgment and evidence of gun safety handling practices. Groups got together and argued that the aforementioned process detoured many law-abiding citizens from applying for concealed weapons permits.

The new law extends to residents that are over 21 years old and are not prohibited from owning firearms and provides active members of the military, including veterans over the age of 18, with the same privileges.

Opponents of this bill included Maine Chiefs of Police Association, which cited that Maine ranked 21st in overall firearms deaths per 100,000 people in 2013.

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