Instead of simply conceal carrying with a gun belt clip, home dwellers can go one step further and protect their homes from intruders with this helpful guide.

  • Secure Doors – Most intruders use doors to gain entry to homes. Keep all doors locked and replace standard doors with metal-clad or solid wood doors, as these are more effective.
  • Upgrade Locks – To help prevent doors from being kicked in, install Grade 1 or Grade 2 deadbolts, in addition to heavy-duty brass strike plates.
  • Secure Windows – To prevent intruders from entering through windows, purchase windows that only open six inches or less. Install mounting brackets when purchasing windows so window bars are optional installation choices later.
  • Perimeter of Home – Install motion sensor lights around homes or outdoor buildings. Fences are easy to climb, so keep shrubbery trimmed to limit the number of places intruders can hide.
  • Secure – Secure any breach points both inside and outside the home. This includes doors or windows that are seldom used. Consider installing a two by four barricade on the inside to prevent intruders from entering the home.
  • Neighborhood Watch Group – Join a current neighborhood watch group. If a current watch group does not exist, approach neighbors and create one. Neighbors watching for unusual visitors can be a very effective deterrent against burglaries.
  • Dog – Having a dog can help detour burglars, especially if trained in defense techniques. Dogs can be rewarded with treats to learn to bark at noises they hear outside. Posting a “Beware of Dog” sign in the yard can also be helpful.
  • Out of the House – Never make it obvious when away from home. Keep lights on automatic timers, cancel newspaper deliveries, arrange for mail pickup, keep a car in the driveway and have a neighbor or friend regularly check on the house.
  • Emergency Plan – If an intruder does enter the house when people are at home, it is best to have an emergency plan. Getting out of the home and calling the police is the optimal; however, if that is not possible, designate a safe room in the house, which includes having the following items available for self-defense:
    • Gun – Whether it is a handgun or a shotgun, always aim for the middle of the attacker’s body. This increases the likelihood that the attacker will be hit. Make sure everyone in the home knows how to properly use a handgun. Consider placing the gun in a gun belt clip and stowing it in a safe place so an intruder does not immediately find it.
    • Pepper Spray – Keeping a bottle of pepper spray on hand causes harm to intruders. This burns the intruder’s eyes and skin, which can allow people to escape the house and call police.
    • Taser – Tasers are more effective than stun guns, but can only be used at short distances. Tasers disrupt the body’s motor function of the muscles via an electrical shock. On rare occasions, tasers have resulted in death, so these self-defense items should never be left in the hands of children on a regular basis.

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