Techna Clip is a leading producer of gun belt clips. They strive to keep concealed permit carriers informed about self-defense education, which can make the difference between surviving and not surviving an attack.


Most people think that by practicing with gun targets, they will be prepared for a real-life attack. Unfortunately, the number one killer is denial. The reality is that most attacks occur approximately three feet from attackers, which means that practicing at distances of more than seven yards away is not useful in real-life situations.

This also means that attackers can easily jump on or come into physical contact with victims. People need to listen to their instincts, while focusing on building dependable levels of comfortable. Most people simply go throughout their days on an autopilot mode, which gives them little to no time to react in self-defense situations.

Concealed Carry: Accuracy and Weight

When concealed carry permit owners purchase a gun, they should try holding it unloaded and loaded. The weight difference is substantial and in a self-defense situation, comfort can make a considerable difference. A gun that is too heavy can easily miss the mark and be difficult for concealed carry holders to comfortably grip during an attack.

Ambush Methods

Unfortunately, most people who concealed carry are under the mistaken impression that they will see their attacker coming and have time to respond. More than 67-percent of the time, attackers ambush their victims. This indicates that victims need to constantly be aware of their surroundings, thinking, training and practicing awareness in order to survive an attack.

Studies also show that attacks take less than three seconds, with attackers blindsiding and overwhelming their victims, disorienting them and stunning them so they are not able to defend themselves. Attackers prefer this type of ambush-style violence because the brain’s natural reaction is to choose between fight, flight or freeze. Without self-defense or military training, our brain’s natural response to is to freeze during an attack, which renders any concealed weapon completely useless.

Practicing Defense

To help the brain overcome these types of situations, it is important that people consider the statistical reality of attacks. Approaching situations with clear, level heads can help victims overcome, defeat and survive violence.

Techna Clip offers a wide array of a minimal-style gun belt clip that helps to eliminate bulk, is easy to conceal, is very lightweight, simple for quick draw, offers maximum comfort and is fast to install. These innovative types of clips are available for several models, including the Ruger LC9 belt clip, Beretta, Glock, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson and Springfield, to name a few.


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