Techna Clip- A belt clip that attaches directly to your handgun for IWB Conceal Carry. Users that have the Techna Clip installed to their firearm eliminate the unnecessary bulk that a holster adds.

Smith and Wesson Bodyguard with Techna Clip & Trigger guard

Safety is ALWAYS priority when it comes to firearms. Techna Clip does not advocate sacrificing safety for comfort- instead we provide multiple trigger guard options that are complimentary to the Techna Clip method of carry. Custom handmade kydex trigger guards that slide over the trigger for a 'zero bulk' perfect slim fit to your firearm.
Thereis a thin rope that is attached to the trigger guard that you wrap around your belt loop/belt at the length you set. When drawing your firearm the Kydex trigger cover then slides off as your firearm is drawn. Very simple, very safe.

Saf-T-Blok for Glocks

Glock models Techna Clip makes available an extra trigger guard option as well, the "Saf-T-Blok" is a trigger plug insert that slides behind the trigger (Fits all models of Trigger Plug
Glocks with it's 'set screw'.)This Saf-T-Blok ejects with just the touch of your finger. It is not a time consuming release of the trigger plug. It ejects very easily!

The Techna Clip with Trigger Guard combo is a safe way to conceal your firearm without the bulk & hassle of having a holster IWB. Sometimes you need to be able to "Just Clip it & Go!"

Always be safe & always be carrying. We need minutemen more than ever.