Techna Clip is anticipating an exciting new year for 2015. With several new gun belt clip models releasing this summer, gun owners are excited for these stylish and lightweight designs.

  • Glock 42
  • Glock 10 mm and .45 caliber
  • Beretta Nano
  • Kahr Series
  • M&P Shield
  • Springfield XDS
  • NAA Magnum
  • J-Frame Style Revolvers
  • 1911 Commander, Defender, Office and Compact

Additionally, Techna Clip’s website also has a community poll, asking customers what type of gun belt clips they should consider producing next. Customers’ and clients’ opinions are highly valued by Techna Clip’s executives and inventors, as they strive to make gun owners happy and create products that are useful in today’s technical world. Examples of possible gun clip accessories include the Glock, XD, Walther PPK, Berretta 92fs, 1911, Kahr PM9, Smith & Wesson M&P, Sig P229 or any other model that gun owners prefer.

Whether people are looking to buy individual gun clips online or prefer to become a Techna Clip dealer, their website offers a variety of information geared towards Beretta clips, Glock clips, Ruger LC9 gun clip, Sig Sauer gun clip, Smith & Wesson clips and Springfield clip models. Available accessories include replacement parts, trigger guards and holster mounts.

With an easy to use site, Techna Clip’s team of professionals has included a detailed FAQ section, instructional videos and demonstrations, installation information and questions. The testimonial tab helps explain and highlight the quality of the products, including fit, drill bit size, design, business practices, shipping, the installation process and how to reduce bulk when carrying a concealed weapon.

Techna Clip also offers a unique money back guarantee. If customers are not satisfied with their orders, whether it is quick draw capabilities, lack of installation, the level of bulkiness, etc., they will completely refund money without asking any further questions.

Techna Clip makes excellent holiday gifts, birthday presents or even “just because” gifts for gun owners that practice or want to take up practicing concealed carry. As more of the U.S. population regularly explores legal concealed carry, the demand for concealed carry holsters has skyrocketed, helping propel the popularity of Techna Clip to new heights around the U.S.