Unlike old school, stuffy gun clubs that once catered to men, today’s sporty new gun clubs are catering to women. Referred to as “Guntry Clubs,” these high-end retreats offer celebrities and affluent females a place to shoot machine guns, private range valets, shooting lanes, upscale handguns and AR-15 rifles.

The average shooter at these upscale clubs is 33 years old and approximately 47-percent dwell in suburban or urban areas. Surprisingly, nearly 37-percent of participants are female. Today, shooters spend nearly $10 billion a year on target shooting, which includes the cost of ammunition, range fees and firearms.

Despite firearm backgrounds, the demographics and economics mentioned above are attracting a wide range of people. Finance, real estate moguls, auto industry and hotel executives are even investing in these new and upcoming sporting ranges.

The surge in the firearms industry has soared over the last several years, especially since the Obama Administration has come under scrutiny for attacking firearms, attempting to restrict gun access to the public.

These shooting ranges employ significant numbers of employees, ranging from staff that work in cigar lounges, WIFI and IT experts, app designers that assist in reserving shooting lanes, shooting instructors, chefs, wait staff and much more.

Mixing entertainment with upscale country club ambiance, movie theaters and nightclubs, these high-end entertainment venues even offer machine gun packages, allowing participants to feel as though they are Special Force task members for a day. These ranges are also family friendly, offering children’s events that are age appropriate and focus on safety.

These fun-filled gun clubs are the equivalent to an overgrown amusement park, which provides adults with the opportunity to experience real life drama and first-hand gun handling practices.

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