There are several advantageous reasons people should consider pursing obtaining a concealed carry gun permit.

  • Officers at Ease – Contrary to liberal beliefs, concealed weapon permits actually help put officers at ease. If the officers check and see that the party violating a traffic rule has a concealed weapons permit, this confirms that he/she has undergone several background checks, criminal history reports and is generally a law-abiding citizen. If being pulled over, concealed weapons holders should immediately produce both their drivers’ license and concealed carry permit to put officers at ease.
  • Open Carry – In states that allow open carry, many firearm owners choose to openly carry weapons. While open carry is legal in these areas, it may arouse unwanted suspicion and can cause concerned citizens to call the police. However, if citizens have concealed weapons permits, this acts as additional levels of protection against law enforcement that may ask detailed questions.
  • Prohibited Weapon Zones – Even if citizens have concealed carry licenses, there are still areas that are gun free zones, which prohibit weapons. This can include courthouses, schools, restaurants and national parks. Arizona has a law that prohibits weapons to be within 1,000 feet of schools. However, Arizona permits license holders to conceal carry firearms into restaurants that serve alcohol, provided that the owner of the firearm does not consume any alcohol. Every state’s rules and regulations vary, so it is best to frequently check for any legislation changes.
  • Firearm Licenses Help Educate Firearm Owners – Some states require detailed education to obtain a concealed firearm license. This may include successfully completing an eight-hour self defense and shooting course. These classes are designed to teach self-defense situations and help gun owners understand their state’s individual laws.
  • Licenses Help Simply Gun Buying Laws – While all states are required to complete background checks due to the regulations surrounding Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms requirements, several states, such as Arizona, have decided on a sate level to wave all background check requirements and if the purchaser holds a concealed carry license. Even if someone’s state does not require a concealed license, there are numerous benefits to having a license, which also helps make concealed permit holders more reputable with local police.

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