Techna Clip stands behind their products and has a lengthy section of testimonials on their website. Most people that try using Techna Clip products immediately fall in love with the ease, comfort and convenience of using these modern gun belt clips. To answer some of the top questions from dealers and consumers, Techna Clip has put together a FAQ forum.

How easy is it to install a Techna Clip gun belt clip?

It is so easy to install Techna Clip products that do-it-yourself gun enthusiasts can easily install this clip themselves. Gunsmiths are not required for additional alterations. In fact, Techna Clip’s gun belt clips come with a small metal post and screw that is designed to replace the existing pin. Techna Clip’s detailed website offers easy installation videos under the “About Our Clips” tab.

What type of steel and finish does Techna Clip use?

Techna Clip only uses high quality heat-treated high carbon spring steel, which means that customers are guaranteed a sturdy product that is meant to last and be extra durable. Techna Clip also features a high-quality black oxide finish, unless otherwise noted in any gun belt clip descriptions.

Is Techna Clip compatible for Ruger LCP?

Yes, Techna Clip makes a specific gun belt clip that is designed for the Ruger LCP clip. This clip is made for the weapon, which means no further modifications are required.

What is compatible with the Crimson Trace laser?

The Ruger LCP 380 is compatible with the impressive Crimson Trace lasers. Several customers have reported outstanding results using this weapon with the laser.

How often does Techna Clip release new products?

Very often! Customers should check the site soon. In fact, the latest upcoming releases include the Beretta Nano, Springfield XDS and Springfield XD Series. On average, they release several new products throughout the year.

Do right and left-handed clips make a difference?

The difference between right and left-handed clips is substantial. Depending upon how someone pulls a concealed weapon, this can mean the difference between life and death. Some people write right-handed, but may shoot left-handed, so it is important to know how someone shoots before purchasing specific right or left-handed models.

Does Techna Clip offer a 100-percent satisfaction policy?

Techna Clip offers a 30-day return policy. Customers must simply return the receipt within 30 days of purchasing the gun clip and request a refund. A full refund is issued, minus the original shipping and handling costs. They do feature a detailed return policy on the website and returns must be accompanied by a Return Authorization Number.