Techna Clip is a leading producer of gun belt clips for popular models, such as the Sig Sauer gun clip, Ruger LC9 gun clip and the LCP 380 holster to name a few.

With a significant surge in concealed weapons permits, why do so many people feel the need to protect themselves in public? Techna Clip digs deep and explores the answers to this question.

  • Safety – The top reason most people cite for obtaining a concealed gun permit is that they want to stay safe or keep their families safe. Banning guns is an impractical, socialist extreme. Guns will always fall into the hands of criminals so they can terrorize law-abiding citizens. If everyone was armed, the world would be a standstill and likely, most crime would cease to exist. However, because not everyone is armed, criminals attempt to bully people with deadly guns, which are why many people are obtaining concealed weapons permits – to help provide safety and peace of mind.
  • Vigilance – While many leftist extremists believe that gun ownership is paranoia, it is actually a form of vigilance. It is not because gun owners live in fear, it is simply because they believe in taking responsibility for their own safety and protecting innocent lives. In today’s world, we have come to rely on public areas as being “safe,” only to see public shootings shatter images of schools, movie theaters, restaurants and other public vicinities.
  • Using Guns vs. Safety – Most concealed weapons holders hope they never have to use their guns. This is contrary to what most extremists believe gun owners want to do – go on a wild west shooting spree. Gun owners understand the damage that guns inflict and the mental anguish and trauma that are associated with having to injure or kill someone. No one ever wants to pull a trigger in anger, and concealed gun owners understand that using a concealed weapon is only a last resort.
  • Dangerous World – The world is becoming a more dangerous place, which forces concealed gun owners to protect themselves and their loved ones.
  • Armed Citizens Make the World Safer – The more people that choose to carry concealed weapons, the more difficult it becomes for criminals to choose their victims. Criminals do not know who is and who is not carrying a concealed weapon, which can give them more time for pause and discomfort when choosing victims on the street. This can also give victims more time to react, as they can pinpoint odd behaviors.
  • Carrying a Gun – While carrying a gun can seem like an inconvenience, Techna Clip has helped solve this problem by creating an innovate design that eliminate bulk, is easy to conceal, provides maximum comfort, provides the convenience of fast installation and makes it easy to withdrawal a weapon. Additionally, these weapons are comfortable for both the male and female figures, easily clipping in pockets or inside belts. These clips are far more comfortable than traditional leather holsters, shoulder straps or bulky, wide holsters.