President Obama’s latest target is an attempt to ban guns from social security recipients that cannot manage their own finances. In his latest crusade against guns, his true attempt lies in classifying more than 4.2 million Social Security recipients – nearly 10-percent – of people age 65 and older as incapable of owning a firearm.

This slippery slope insinuates that this age group is a physical danger to themselves. So, what does this mean? Someone that may not excel at math or drive well will be forced to lose his or her Second Amendment rights.

This leads to further questions. If Obama plans to label millions of baby boomers as “mentally defective,” will they eventually lose their voting rights and other necessary decision making authorities?

This ultimately leaves this age group very vulnerable to intruders, home attacks and violent crimes. Having a gun is the safest way to detour crime and as baby boomers age, Obama plans on leaving them without any methods of self-defense.

The news is full of elderly people that use guns for home protection. In July, a news story reported that a 70-year-old rescued his roommate as an intruder was attacking him. Just before this story hit the news, a retired veteran utilized his concealed handgun to help stop a gas station armed robbery in Georgia, ultimately protecting and saving the lives of others.

For the last several years, Obama has been targeting veterans. If veterans require VA benefits, he has mandated that they be registered with the federal background check system.

Obama has been touting his believes against gun ownership for years. When he was a part-time lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School, he stated: “I don’t believe that people should be able to own guns.” He is carrying forth this mentality in his role as president and he has little time left to enforce his full gun ban plan before his presidential role concludes. Whether his regulations are sneaky or simply tacked onto other bills, he will stop at nothing to fulfill his anti-gun agenda.

Having so many veterans register with the system places them in a category of being “mentally defective.” However, because there are so many names that are similar, other people are being turned down for false-positive results, resulting in them not being accepted for gun ownership and concealed carry permits. But why does Obama think it is necessary to turn down our veterans for gun ownership?

To help Obama from further taking away our Second Amendment, we need to remember to contact our Representatives and Senators and most importantly, be very careful when we vote for president in 2016.

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