The US military regularly used the 1911 series gun, but in the 1980s, they began retiring many of their common guns. In 1985, Springfield Armory® began offering new versions of the 1911s to the public. Now, as the leading manufacturer of the 1911, Springfield’s handguns are models for other 1911 manufacturers.

Today, law enforcement, elite military units and shooters rely on the 1911. There are many types of models, including those designed for daily concealed carry. Affordable models area ideal for regular citizens and designs that are more advanced are excellent for gun collectors.

  • Springfield 1911 EMP® Model – This model is compatible with the 9mm and the .40SW. Introduced in 2007, this Enhanced Micro Pistol® is 1/8-inch shorter than the original model and features a shorter grip radius, making this a comfortable weapon for concealed carry. With increased reliability, this compact model features the smallest dimensions of any 1911 in production. Loaded with features, this compact weapon includes low profile three-dot tritium combat sights, a ramped barrel and 9 plus 1 rounds of 9mm ammunition or 8 plus 1 rounds of .40 S&W.

Additional types of 1911 models include the following:

  • Colt® Government 1911 – This model features a threaded muzzle, an all steel lock, rubber grips, fully functioning thumb and safeties and an authentic half-cock mechanism. This weapon shoots .22 ammunition and the magazine capacity is 12 with 10 rounds. The rear sight is drift adjustable and the front sight is removable and includes an adjustable drift.
  • Ruger SR1911® - This Ruger Centerfire Pistol features Drift Adjustable Novak® three-dot sights. With a .45 caliber auto, the slide material features heavy-duty stainless steel and the slide finish is made of low-glare stainless steel. The total width is 1.34 inches and the height is 5.45 inches. Bound to come in handy in any concealed carry emergency, this powerful weapon is not only rugged, but also reliable.

Techna Clip has just released their latest gun belt clip, which is specifically for the 1911 model. This line of gun belt clips is compatible with the following 1911 models: full-size, government, commander and standard frame. It also works with several other 1911 clones that are made by other manufacturers. The grip screw placing is 3-1/16 inches apart so models that work with these dimensions will easily accommodate 1911 models.

While the 1911 model is a hefty concealed weapon, it does pack a significant punch, much more than other concealed carry weapons. As a carrier of exclusive LCP Ruger accessories, Techna Clip can also accommodate the Ruger Commander 1911.