More and more citizens are regularly obtaining their concealed weapons permits. Most people obtain concealed weapons permits purely for self-defense purposes. However, for new gun owners that are not familiar with all the details surrounding gun ownership, this helpful guide provides abundant information.

  • Bullet – A bullet is the projectile that shoots from a gun. These are generally made of lead and may have a thin copper-alloy jacket.
  • Cartridges – This is the individual unit of ammunition. A single cartridge consists of a bullet and powder-filled metal casing. These are typically sold in quantities of 50.
  • Caliber – This consists of the bullet diameter, case shape and case size. Rifles are specifically designed to shoot set calibers, but some handguns are able to shoot several different size calibers.

Handguns are available in two different types.

  • A revolver has a rotating cylinder that holds ammunition. A double-action revolver is ideal for self-defense, as it requires a longer, yet firm trigger to fire. A single pull activates and rotates the cylinder, firing the weapon and placing a new cartridge in the gun. The average revolver holds between five to six cartridges.
  • A pistol holds magazines, which carries ammunition internally. When the trigger is pulled and the gun fires, a new cartridge is automatically placed into position. Some available pistols can hold 18 or more rounds of cartridges.

Revolvers are rugged, easy to maintain and exceptionally simple to operate, especially for concealed carry. They are very forgiving weapons, despite neglect, grime and lack of lubrication. If a revolver fails to fire, the trigger is simple to pull again and a new cartridge will release.

For first-time, untrained gun users, semi-automatic handguns have more operational and mechanical complexity and require regular cleaning, which makes them more difficult for concealed carry.

Purchase a name brand gun instead of putting lives at risk with a little known manufacturer. When purchasing a revolver, look at models that feature barrels that are less than 2-1/2 inches, which are easy to conceal carry. Avoid purchasing models with expensive sights, because most self-defense situations occur within mere feet, not at long distances. Additionally, always use name brand self-defense ammunition. Low-performance bullets can cause problems, including misfires.

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