With mass shootings headlining the news today, many people wonder how they can escape unscathed. Imagine this scenario: you’re at a mall. Suddenly, gunfire erupts, mass hysteria ensues, blood covers the floor and you feel for your holster, only to realize it’s the one-day you left it at home.

Techna Clip highlights advice provided by experienced law enforcement officials about how to survive a mass shooting:

  • Once you become aware that a shooting is taking place, exit the area. Leave the area as quickly as possible and call 9-1-1 to alert authorities.
  • If leaving the area is not possible, seek cover and actively look for any type of object that will block bullets. This may include steel support beams, concrete barriers, brick walls or possibly thick trees.
  • If no concealed area is available, consider hiding near an interior wall, in bushes or even in cabinets.
  • The smaller target you make yourself, the more difficulty the shooter will have zeroing in on you.
  • If you must exit the area, as there is no available shelter, always crouch down or run in a zigzag pattern, as this makes you – as a moving target – more difficult to hit.
  • Place as much distance as possible between you and the shooter. The Secret Service reports that hitting a moving target that is more than 45 feet away is slim.
  • If all else fails, rely on the standard bear protection technique, which involves playing dead. This has been attributed to saving more than one life in an emergency-shooting situation.

Statistics also show that most mass shooters either kill themselves or are disarmed by those around them. For people that have undergone attack-related training, these experts may consider thinking through an attack plan to disarm the shooter. Approximately 66-precent of shooters are disarmed by unarmed men and women. This is where numbers are more effective. Instead of a single person trying to tackle an armed shooter, if there is a group of people that can effectively sneak up on the shooter from behind and disarm him/her, it may be effective enough to stop the shooter in his/her tracks.

People, who find themselves in the midst of a shooting attack, may feel as though they can plead for their lives’, but the truth is that those pleas fall on deaf ears the majority of the time. Additionally, it should be kept in mind that people who go on shooting sprees are rarely in their right minds, which means the chances of rationalizing with him/her are slim to none. The chance people have to disengage a shooter is when he/she is changing equipment or reloading their weapons.

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