Home invasions happen every day, whether people live in low or high crime areas. Techna Clip offers helpful home invasion defense tactics that can help contribute to saving lives in potentially deadly situations.

  • Code Word – Families need to develop code words so families are aware what type of emergency is happening. For example, it is not a medical, fire or other type of emergency. An emergency requires family members to escape and call 9-1-1. It does not need to be a code or anything dramatic, just something to the point.
  • Safe Rooms – A safe room should be stocked with several essential items, such as gun belt clips, easy to use handguns, including a Ruger LC9 clip or a powerful Sig P238 gun clip. It is important that all shooting-age members of the family know how to properly use these handguns. This room should be stocked with a telephone to call the police, a list of survival goods to help survive a possible fight if intruders are armed, etc.
  • Stay – Always stay in the safe room, even if it is tempting to fight intruders single-handedly. If all family members are in the safe room, this is the best scenario. This is not an opportune time to try to be a hero. If everyone is safe, the items in the home are simply objects. Human life is valued above everything else.
  • Fatal Funnel – Choose an area in the safe room that offers the maximum view from the opposite side of the room. If the intruders decide to enter the room, this gives an excellent vantage point, allowing homeowners to make a split-second decision if they should shoot or not. Homeowners also need to take the time to determine if the people entering the room are intruders, concerned neighbors or the police.
  • Never Leave – Never leave the safe room until the police have arrived. This includes even if the intruders have left the home. An intruder can always be lying in wait to take you or your family by force to hold as hostages. Never leave the room until the police have cleared the house and they have professionally determined the home invasion is over.

Gun owners should consider taking a home invasion class, learning how to shoot their weapons in practical situations that require self-defense scenarios. Home invasions are not as simple as tactical shooting, but involve several different scenarios, such as multiple invaders, seeking refuge, adrenaline rushes and much more.

As always, to help promote home protection, homeowners should check all doors, windows and exterior angles to prevent homes from attracting intruders. This also includes installing motion activated exterior lights, starting a neighborhood watch, installing alarm systems, security cameras and checking identification if city or county personnel start asking questions, etc.




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