The Ruger .380 is a quality, sturdy and long-lasting weapon that is designed to protect the shooter, keeping him/her safe from harm.

This weapon weighs a mere 12 ounces loaded and works well for even women with petite-size hands. The pinky extension is perfect for women with small hands, as it helps them improve their grip.

Personal factors vary, but the LCP 380 is very slim and measures at just over 3/4 inches. With no safety, it is easy to slip seven rounds in the weapon and the fast-slide rack makes it a cinch to slide.

The LCP 380 is easy to shoot. The trigger is longer to pull, but exceptionally smooth, which makes up for the length. Recoil is minimal, as the gun is very lightweight. People even report shooting several hundred rounds with the LCP 380 without any discomforts. As with any pistol, long-distance accuracy is not this weapons forte, but rather it is specifically designed for self-defense and close-range shooting situations.

The magazine is right handed, but left-handed shooters report reloading the magazine with significant ease, which is gives this gun a noteworthy advantage over other handgun models.

.380 ammunition can be difficult to find, especially when ammunition scares create havoc and cause people to run for their nearest stores and clean ammunition shelves.

Some people who purchased the .380 say they would consider buying a laser to help hone in their sites and improve their shooting abilities. It is a popular model for work, camping, hiking, shopping and much more. Easy and comfortable to carry, this quality and well-priced handgun is perfect for concealed carry.

Techna Clip offers several accessories for the LCP 380, including an easy to wear, comfortable LCP 380 holster. Techna Clip has specially patented holsters that are quick and easy to install, do not add bulk and make guns truly concealable anywhere the holster clips.

As an added bonus, they are easy to draw, install within seconds, are very lightweight, fasten directly to the gun and are inexpensive. They are guaranteed, and if customers are not 100-percent satisfied, they completely refund your money. 

Their innovative website also provides video tutorials about how to install a LCP 380 belt clip, making it easy and straightforward for anyone interested in pursing concealed care for personal or safety protection reasons.

Techna Clip also offers a handgun holster mount, which is perfect for installing in any vehicle. These are compatible with all Techna Clip models, offering quick and easy access for emergencies. These gun belt clips are easy to install and the holster mount comes with mounting brackets and screws.