Techna Clip specializes in creating advanced concealed carry holsters that are perfect for self-defense. Working with Springfield, Techna Clip understands these gun models are worth their weight in gold, as Springfield’s pistols are poised to dominate the self-defense market.

Springfield just keeps setting the bar higher for other gun manufacturers. Whatever they set their sites on (pun intended), whether it is a 100-year-old classic remake of the 1911, a vintage polymer-frame pistol or a 50-year-old M1A, turns to gun enthusiast gold.

Their most recent addition to their arsenal of weapons includes the XD-S. Originally, Springfield created more hefty versions of this gun, which included the XD. While most gun enthusiasts’ thought this weapon was easy to shoot and fun, it was not versatile for extended concealed carry.

Springfield’s latest XD-S offering is a .45 ACP. With a polymer frame, this awesome weapon can hold half a box of modern-day ammunition and is still slimmer in profile than a 1911. The flexible polymer grip combines with an outstanding frame and shape, which features minimal recoil despite its petite size and lightweight profile.

Soon, experts anticipate that Springfield will dominate the market, with their revolutionizing and ever-changing gun technologies. Experts say that the XD-S is more manageable and easy to use with an extra-length magazine and coordinating frame-size sleeve. Still sturdy, this weapon delivers a powerful and deadly punch in self-defense situations.

The latest XD-S design is flatter, an ounce lighter than traditional models and the extended clip allows an additional two rounds to be held in the weapon, making for a total of nine shots instead of the traditional five.

Convenient to carry, this weapon is easy to clean and disassembles like a dream. However, before disassembling the weapon, gun owners must keep in mind like the entire XD pistol line, the weapon must be dry-fired before disassembly.

With it being common knowledge that concealed carry permits are on the rise, gun owners have a wide range of concealed carry weapons at their disposal. Techna Clip offers a wide selection of gun belt clips, including popular, bestselling models such as the Ruger LC9 clip, Sig P238 gun clip and the LCP 380 holster.

Always inventing new and innovative products, Techna Clip is a leader in providing advanced concealed carry, helping make sure that concealed carry safety is the number one priority for consumers and customers alike. They also offer a wide selection of accessories, including Glock night sights, gun cleaning cloths, replacement parts, trigger guards and holster mounts.