There are wrong and right ways to shoot a handgun. When shooting a weapon, it is of the utmost important that people follow strict safety recommendations. These recommendations include:

  • NEVER lean backwards when shooting a gun. Your shoulders should NEVER be behind your belt line. This greatly impairs someone’s vision and does not allow him/he to shoot well and is in fact, quite dangerous. Having this weak stance also increases the chances that the gun may indeed malfunction.
  • The Weaver Stance – This proper shooting stance is demonstrated by placing the feet length’s width apart, with the support foot just ahead of the shooting foot. The shooter should wrap both hands around the gun. The support hand should be able to pull back, while keeping the elbow slightly bent, which helps to create necessary isometric tension.
  • The Isosceles Stance – This is defined as both feet being parallel to the target, just shoulder width apart, both arms stretch forward to form a triangle.
  • Additional helpful shooting stance tips include:
    • Feet should be placed approximately shoulder width apart.
    • Some shooters feel more comfortable placing their non-dominant foot slightly forward.
    • Knees should be slightly flexed to avoid locked joints. This stance also provides excellent shock absorbance and helps to facilitate movement.
    • Bend slightly forward at the waist. The collarbone should be in alignment with the front of the abdomen or belt buckle.
    • Shoulders should be rolled inward and slightly down. This will help if the weapon recoils.
    • Shoulders should remain in front of the waist.

There is some debate with shooters about whether both eyes should remain open, or one eye should be closed. Studies show that people who have the same dominant eye as hand are more likely to be able to accurately shoot with their eyes open. However, for people that are cross-eye dominant, meaning the opposite eye is dominant from their dominant hand, shooting with both eyes opens creates a double imagine. This group of people finds that they need to close an eye so they can properly align the target within their sights. While some people report that shooting with one eye closed narrows the field of vision, while this is true, it is also impossible for most people who are cross-eye dominant to shoot with both eyes open.

Shooters should determine what is best for them and what helps them successfully achieve their goals – accurately hitting the targets. For people that do not know if they have a dominant dye, consider this exercise: slowly bring a triangle shape towards the face. Whatever eye gravitates towards the triangle is the dominant eye.

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