Once a hunter has his/her hunting license and/or necessary state permits in order, it’s time for him/her to start scouting prospective hunting areas. Whether looking for a bull elk or waterfowl, scouting helps increase a hunter’s chance of a successful hunt.

Why is scouting a vital part of successful hunting? Simply because it allows hunters to become familiar with hunting grounds, learn animal trails and see what types of animals frequent the area. Hard-core hunters begin scouting before hunting season even opens and continue scouting throughout the year to ensure they ultimately hunt in an area where wildlife frequently abounds.

Many hunters compare scouting to engaging a decisive military campaign. No military strategist recommends going into an area without first investigating and determining a resolute game plan. Additionally, hunters may want to consider leasing hunting rights from private landowners and exploring nearby public land options. Hunters need to understand their prey, where they frequent, terrain they are drawn to and their feeding grounds. For example, does the hunted prefer swamplands, riverbeds or grassy prairies? Does the prey prefer freezing temperatures or flooded areas? Knowing the answers to these questions can make the difference between a hunter coming home empty handed or with a prize trophy.

While equipment is not necessary for scouting, ATVs, 4-wheel-drive trucks, shallow-draft johnboats or long-shaft direct-drive motorboats are worthwhile exploring. A topographical map and binoculars are indispensable, allowing a hunter to view wildlife from afar, while understanding the slopped terrain. A GPS unit allows hunters to easily mark and flag areas where they see wildlife, making it easier to scout on return visits. For hunters with an unlimited budget, renting a small airplane is highly recommended, as surveying land from above provides invaluable information that could otherwise take days, if not weeks, on foot.

Additionally, in today’s high-tech world, many hunters participate in online chat forums, explore migration maps, view area refuges, obtain weather forecasts and monitor local river levels. While not all information online is credible, hunters will learn from reputable sources whom to trust with hunting information and which resources provide the most accurate advice.

Online resources also provide wind maps, monitoring potential wind shifts, which is excellent when hunting large game, aerial maps, road maps and even provide printable logbooks, making it easy for hunters to gather and record accurate data.

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