Today’s modern firearms make it safe to carry rounds in the chamber. Contemporary, progressive weapons feature internal safeties, manual safeties and heavy triggers. Practicing strict finger discipline and never placing a finger on the trigger unless firing a weapon is also necessary to avoid accidental discharge. In fact, today’s modern firearms will not fire unless the trigger is depressed.

This can vary depending upon the type of concealed carry holster that is used. Not wearing a holster at all can increase the chances and likelihood of accidental discharges.  However, non-rigid holsters that don’t mold to firearms can also fold over the trigger, causing accidental depression. This is extremely rare, but is entirely avoidable.

Techna Clip offers comfortable and safe gun belt clips. Their quality heat-treated high carbon spring steel gun belt clip is perfect for everyday concealed carry. Easy to install, the clip comes with a small screw and metal post that compliments the existing pin, making it easy to replace. No special modifications are required, which makes this an excellent option for concealed carry weapons. With each clip complimenting specific models, Techna Clip continually strives to release new gun clips that accommodate popular handguns.

A benefit of carrying a Glock is that it has a Safe Action System, which prevents the handgun’s firing pin from moving forward, unless the trigger is depressed. This makes a Glock extremely safe for concealed carry.

Revolvers on the other hand always have cylinders loaded, meaning by default a round is always in the chamber. Some people feel safer using semi-automatic handguns. The truth is that unless the revolver’s hammer is cocked, the weapon can’t accidentally fire.

A great test for concealed carry holders that are debating whether they should or should not keep a round in the chamber at all times is to thoroughly inspect the handgun after wear. If the trigger is depressed, then it’s not safe to carry the weapon with a bullet in the chamber. However, the chances of a trigger depressing accidentally are minimal to nil.

The reason most concealed carry handgun owners carry weapons is to make sure that adequate self-defense measures can be instituted immediately, should the situation or need arise. The reason many people choose to carry a round in the chamber is because in the split second it takes to save lives, it can take what seems like an eternity to rack the gun’s slide. The gun can malfunction, which can occur when the slide is moving or the gun’s slide could not move at all.

It is up to each individual firearm carrier to determine whether he/she prefers to carry a round in the chamber. Perfectly safe and legal, this practice can save lives and prevent violent crimes.