The Ruger LC9 is an attractive handgun, boasting sleek lines and petite style while simultaneously offering lethal power. Sophisticated and slim, this weapon would even turn James Bond’s head, rendering him envious in his tracks. Reflecting a ‘black ops’ detailing, the rounded, sculpted nose of this powerful weapon is nothing short of masterful sophistication.

Wearing it at a hefty 17.1 ounces, this handgun is easy to conceal, making it an ideal choice for concealed carry owners. Easy to grip and comfortable to hold, this weapon fires seven plus one 9mm bullets. The LC9 comes with one magazine, but the manufacturer’s website offers spare magazines, which are perfect for shooting practice.

Statistics show that most self-defense situations happen within 10 feet, and this highly accurate weapon will not disappoint in these types of situations. With a smooth pulling trigger, this gun features all the standard safety features, such as magazine disconnect and a frame-mounted safety. The magazine safety prevents the gun from firing once the magazine is removed.

Gun owners are advised to take self-defense classes, especially those handgun owners that practice concealed carry. Having fluent practice with the LC9 helps improve shooting accuracy and allows owners to understand the subtle nuisances and recoil of this powerful weapon.

The LC9 is ideal for concealed carry and also serves as a choice weapon for off-duty law enforcement officers. Featuring a barrel length of 3.1 inches, this LC9 is only 6 inches long and 4.5 inches in height, which makes it an excellent compact choice for non-bulky concealed carry.

The low profile features a three-dot sight system that allows for easy aim and improved accuracy. The front and rear sights are also adjustable for windage.

Shooters report that the weapon is easy to control and extremely comfortable to shoot at the range, with reports showing positive shooting results at 50 yards. The only downside of this weapon is that field stripping requires a key, punch or nail. Once this is accomplished, disassembly is fairly straightforward and the weapon can easily be cleaned with a gun cleaning cloth. Others say the downside of this weapon is the incorporation of too many safety features, but with more restrictive gun control laws being proposed around the nation, Ruger’s LC9 is an optimal choice for beginner and experienced gun owners alike.

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