The Ruger LC9 is a small gun, which makes it perfect for concealed carry. Easy to conceal and lightweight to carry, this practical gun design appeals to men and women. In fact, its popularity has grown so much that Techna Clip developed a LC9 belt clip to accommodate this petite weapon.

While larger guns are more accurate on the range, they are difficult and heavy to conceal. Generally, larger weapons require bulkier clothing and are not comfortable for female body frames. While concealed gun carriers usually stray away from smaller weapons, the Ruger LC9 has made it to the top of the list for many gun experts. The following highlights the positive aspects associated with using the Ruger LC9 for concealed carry.

  • Lightweight – The Ruger LC9 is lightweight and very thin, which is why it is ideal for concealed carry. In fact, most people report it is very comfortable to wear with a Ruger LC9 gun clip.
  • Carrying – This weapon packs a punch of power and features 9mm ammunition and holds seven plus one round. In fact, this highly coveted weapon holds more than a regular revolver, which offers more than enough ammunition for self-protection situations.
  • Features – The LC9 features a magazine disconnect safety and a chamber loaded indicator. Some people prefer these options, while others find them problematic. The best features of this compact weapon include a double-action trigger pull, which also offers a frame-mounted thumb safety. While some people may complain this weapon is too complicated to operate in a self-defense scenario, as long as shooters follow the basic gun safety rules, they should easily be able to overcome any trying safety obstacles.
  • Drawing Time – Carries of the Ruger LC9 also report that it is easy to quickly draw the weapon, turn the safety off and shoot. With consistent aim and accuracy reported, this weapon makes it easy to consistently shoot targets.
  • Sights – The Ruger’s sights are small, but are still functional for shooting at close distances. While the double action trigger is longer, it balances with a smoothness that does not affect the speed or accuracy of this weapon.
  • Reliability – This gun has proven reliability, firing with every round and ejecting the cartridge reliably and effectively.

While the Ruger’s LC9 is considered the big brother to the smaller .380, this weapon is a cross between a compact SR9 and a LCP based on the size.

The LCP9 includes an assortment of accessories, including a finger rest magazine floor plate, a zippered pouch, and lock. For the ultimate package, visit Techna Clip and purchase a LCP gun clip kit. The Conceal Carry Kit is perfect for the Ruger LC9 and installs within minutes, making it easy to conceal carry this petite weapon. This kit also includes a snap that goes over the exposed trigger, helping make accidental firings rare. The guard easily slides off when the gun is removed from the holster, which makes this concealed weapon easy to use in self-defense situations.