The fight over the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment has just begun, with President Barrack Obama calling for the largest U.S. gun-control ban in generations. He is stridently urging Congress to approve the gun ban, proposed by Senator Dianne Feinstein, to help prevent massacres and large-scale shootings, such as the deadly shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) and gun activists are preparing for a battle with President Obama’s proposed legislation. The White House is calling for stricter gun control bans and demands Congress act soon to enforce proposed legislation. However, the NRA highlights statistics that hold their steady weight to the opposition.

“Forbes” magazine’s latest poll shows the NRA is making a dramatic impact on Americans, ultimately winning the influence over this heating battle. Ironically, many Republican politicians are absent from the debate, making it a battle between NRA’s Wayne LaPierre and the Obama administration. Conversely, the article boldly shows that gun rights advocates seem to have more stamina when compared to gun control advocates. Perhaps this is because the NRA is strongly supported by more than four million Americans and is far better organized than the U.S. government, which seems to run amuck, drenched in chaos. 

The battle that is being waged is not simply against assault-style weapons, but against the Second Amendment and our forefather’s words that clearly state that Americans have the right to bear arms. While many people claim that this ban will not lead to further gun control and heavier regulations, proponents of gun ownership claim that the political arena is a slippery slope.

What is a slippery slope? The definition of a slippery slope is one where a course of action ultimately leads to unintended consequences, as a direct result of said action. Often used simultaneously within the political area, this term has a heavy weight and the consequences of such should be thoroughly analyzed.

The media reports that gun manufacturers back the NRA, and shouldn’t this be obvious? Their livelihood depends on pro-gun rights. Many rub their heads and wonder why this is indeed news, but isn’t the government also supported by anti-gun lobbyists? Perhaps this simply just levels the playing field into one that is more competitive.

All politicians and organizations bend the facts to fit their own crusades. This is not news and the media is also to blame. Reporting selective facts is just as big of an offense, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. So while both sides continue mud slinging, the bottom line is determining what is best for the American people.

The forefathers of our great country, who understood first-hand oppressive British tyranny, clearly outlined the right to bear arms, foreseeing a need to defend our nation against a monarchial government. These great men clearly instituted a system of necessary checks and balances between the judicial, executive and legislative branches for an intended purpose – to help ensure that American’s rights would always be a priority.

However, one is left to wonder how much our country has evolved and with recent calls to eliminate portions of our U.S. Constitution to fit modern times, has our country indeed fallen away from our forefather’s intended definition of democracy or have our politicians simply fallen into a socialized trap that will engage Americans in a harmful cycle – one that Russia and other less fortunate nations have experienced firsthand?

Only time will tell; however, Americans should stand up and take advantage of our ever-coveted right to freedom of speech and voice their concerns to government officials. After all, what good is a voice unless someone speaks up and uses it?

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