Several gun models are comfortable, compact and popular to conceal, including the Ruger LC9 and Sig Sauer. Techna Clip offers popular gun belt clips, which make it easy to comfortably carry a concealed firearm. Some weapons are too large for concealed carry. This leaves some firearm owners exercising both concealed and open carry.

There are few crimes where someone attacks a person who was openly carrying a firearm. A criminal rarely attacks an armed person, preferring an easy victim and target. In fact, people around public citizens that openly carry are also less likely to be victims of crimes.

However, statistics do not report how many times a crime has been prevented because a criminal chooses not to attack someone based on their surroundings and if people around them are practicing open carry.

Open carry simply allows the holster to attach to the outside of clothing, giving gun owners the option to conceal or open carry. Concealed carry generally requires an official state permit; however, states that allow open carry do not require prior authorization.

The truth is that statistics do show that people around open or concealed carriers often feel safer and more at ease. Open carry also gives the public the opportunity to discuss gun rights, presenting a safe and positive imagine of gun owners.

In fact, the chances of becoming a victim while practicing open carry is significantly less than those people that become victims of crimes. Not only do criminals avoid people carrying weapons, they are also less likely to avoid public scenes around these individuals.

Popular concealed or open carry gun models include the following:

  • Ruger LC9 – Small and stealth, this James Bond style gun is tiny but pacts deadly accuracy. Sophisticated, sleek and slim, this black ops style gun only weighs 7.7 ounces more than the traditional LCP. At under $500, this popular gun comes with a range of LCP Ruger accessories, including a popular Ruger LC9 gun clip.
  • Sig Sauer – Weighing a mere 14.2 ounces unloaded, this gun is designed for easy pocket concealment and Techna Clip makes a special Sig P238 gun clip that comfortably accommodates this timeless weapon. With no recoil issues, this is a soft-shooting pistol, making it easy for either gender to shoot. This gun is available in an assortment of grips and finishes, making it easy to customize for gifts.
  • Ruger LCP 380 – Compact and light, this weapon is barely larger than today’s common Smartphone. Easy to stash with a LCP gun clip, this weapon boasts amazing reliability, petite size and accuracy on the range.

No matter what weapon someone chooses for personal self-defense, it is important he/she is comfortable holding and shooting the weapon.