With estimates showing that 2013 was a record-breaking year for first-time gun sales, Ohio citizens are fighting for their concealed carry rights. Expert analysts highlight the top 10 gun right threats facing Ohio this year.

  1. Gun Owners Supporting Obama - President Obama's second re-election has set the pro-gun movement back a minimum of 10 years, with the NRA leading the fight to help preserve the Second Amendment. Even though President Obama cannot run for a third term, he does have significant say on future American politics. As president, he can appoint Supreme Court Justices, sign pro-gun legislature and even execute executive orders that infringe on the people's rights to bear arms.
  2. Conspiracy Theorists - While some people fear that buying guns will put them on government conspiracy theorists lists, the truth is that speaking one's minds is the best way to ensure that anti-gun legislation doesn't pass.
  3. The Obama Biden Presidency - With President Obama in his second term, he has nothing to lose. Gun supporters can expect to see a bigger push for anti-gun legislation this term. This will likely make any both parties squirm, as this affects 2016 election results.
  4. Establishment Media - Even though the liberal media portrays every incidence as brutal and gun yielding, the truth is that the media reports stories that sell drama. It is the media's portrayal of gun owners that gives people a negative view. Instead of supporting media that has a personal agenda, consider boycotting these networks to send them a message.
  5. Harry Reid - Harry Reid is on a mission to block filibusters, which could prove detrimental for pro-gun advocate judge nominees.
  6. Michael Bloomberg - Before he was controlling soda and sugar intake, Michael Bloomberg had been pushing his own agenda, albeit it misguided, anti-gun plan for years. Keeping him ineffective is Ohio's only way to control anti-gun measures.
  7. Union Leaders and Bureaucrats - Ohio's Fraternal Order of Police does not support pro-gun bills. Just because law enforcement officials believe in anti-gun legislation, doesn't make them authorities on this subject.
  8. Anti-Gun Groups - Groups that ban their members from exercising their concealed carry rights should be boycotted. By not doing so, they are supporting the anti-gun movement claim and agreeing with anti-gun supporters.
  9. Dick Metcalf - As Dick Metcalf fades into oblivion and his 15 minutes of fame expire, another "victim" that claims to be "wronged" by the media will once again appear for his/her 15 minutes of attention.
  10. Gun Owners - Reactionary gun owners that hear about shootings and run out to purchase every weapon they can get their hands on, aren't making the pro-gun case any easier. In fact, it shows illogical and less measured reactions. Instead of creating gun-buying frenzies, remember that the Second Amendment is still holding fast in America so there's no need to panic and clear store shelves of ammunition and weapons.

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