Amid heavy national controversy over the right to bear arms, North Carolina has decided to take a common sense approach to instituting new gun laws.

Recently, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory, instituted legislation that allows concealed carry gun owners to take firearms into bars and restaurants. The measure also legalizes concealed carry on playgrounds, in greenways and other public recreational areas. In fact, weapons can legally be stored in locked vehicles on public school and university campuses.

Of course, the legislation does provide for local control, meaning that private property owners can request that guns not be permitted on their premises. Municipalities retain the right to pass laws that restrict concealed carry on public lands under jurisdictional rule. 

Advocates of gun ownership and concealed carry laws praise North Carolina’s new gun laws, which are a common sense approach to crime prevention and self-defense. Believing that gun free zones are simply inviting assailants, North Carolina is hoping that by giving more power to citizens, deranged killers will be detoured from targeting public areas. In fact, for the mass killers that dare to risk entering a non-gun-free zone, North Carolina is hoping they become the victims of their own madness and that concealed carry citizens act with necessary force. Often times, a victim could be concealed carrying, which means that he/she would be on the scene before police personnel could even arrive. By acting diligently and swiftly, concealed carry gun owners can easily save dozens of innocent lives.

In fact, there have been many cases where concealed carry restrictions have caused more damage than good. For example, in 1991, Suzanna Hupp was on the scene when George Hennard entered a restaurant and gun downed 23 people. Due to a recent Texas law banning concealed carry, Hupp had her weapon safely secured in her vehicle. Had she been carrying, there is no question that Hupp could have saved lives, including the possibility of saving both of her parents who were tragically gunned down in this massacre.

In 1995, the “Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology” at Northwestern University School and University published a detailed study that highlighted statistics showing that law-abiding gun owners used weapons in defensive situations more than 2.5 million times annually. When breaking down this statistic, guns are used 60 times more frequently to protect innocent lives than when compared with committing a crime. Statistics such as these have lead many North Carolina representatives to view decreasing gun restrictions as creating a safer environment for the general public.

Additionally, areas that have strict gun control regulations, such as Chicago, continue to experience high rates of crimes related to gun violence, which mostly links to illegal guns and not legal gun owners.

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