We would like to thank those that stopped by our booth at the Salt Lake City Gun Show last weekend. At the show, we introduced the highly anticipated Techna Clip for the Ruger LC9. Gun enthusiasts ranted and raved over the new clip and look forward to the release of the LC9 Belt Clip in February 2012. It is no small wonder that people are excited about this announcement. Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. announced in August 2011 that their LC9 was named the 2011 Handgun of the Year by the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence. Techna Clip anticipates high demand for the LC9 Techna Clip once it is released. The Ruger LC9 design is optimized for concealed carry use. All of the gun’s edges are smooth “melted” to make it easier to conceal, carry, and draw. With a Techna Clip installed, we are confident that concealed carriers will never leave home without their Techna Clipped LC9, and we encourage all of our customers to reserve their LC9 Techna Clip now!