As 2013 begins, so too do a number of new laws. California is the most populated state in the U.S., home to more than 37 million people. Governor Jerry Brown enacted three new California gun laws, all effective January 1, 2013.

Long Gun Open Carry Ban – Known as AB 1527, this law strictly prohibits unloaded long guns from being in open carry possession in public areas. This includes shotguns and rifles. This rule is a follow up to 2012’s law that prohibits carrying unloaded handguns in public places (without a concealed weapon permit).

Imitation Firearms – Known as SB 1315, this law is effective in Los Angeles County, providing stricter enforcement than state law pertaining to the sale, manufacture, possession or use of toy guns, BB devices, firearm replicas or any other device that is similar in appearance or color to a real firearm. If said imitation firearm can be perceived by a reasonable person to be a real firearm and the device expels projectiles that are 16 millimeters or less, this law is applicable.

Deer, Archery Season and Concealed Firearms – Known as 1367, this gun law revises the former Fish and Game Code law to authorize a peace officer, either honorably retired or active, or a person who holds a valid concealed carry license to carry a firearm while hunting deer with a bow, but prohibits the person from discharging the weapon at deer.

There are two new laws that are set to take effect next year in 2014.

Long Gun Registration – AB 809 will require newly purchased long guns to be registered. Some critics claim this new law will violate the Second Amendment by requiring the registration of shotguns and rifles, permitting future government confiscation of firearms.

Firearms Dealer Regulatory Reform – AB 1559 restricts the Department of Justice to charging one fee for every transaction that occurs on the same date and time when taking possession or title to any firearm(s). The law also species the process involving permits for short-barreled rifles that are used in motion pictures.

Last year, California standardized their concealed handgun permit application process, removing the mandate that required applicants to purchase liability insurance before receiving an approved permit. They also restricted the right to open carry unloaded handguns.

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