At the young age of 66 years, Tom Clancy, the renowned writer, passed away in October. While the media is highlighting his achievements – an arsenal of military intelligence novels that were best sellers and blockbuster movies – they are straying away from Clancy’s conservative views and support for the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Even “The Los Angeles Times” claims that Clancy “was, for the most part, bipartisan,” attempting to distort his conservative beliefs and ardent fan base. Clancy, a life long member of the NRA, had written several passionate arguments defending the Second Amendment. His beliefs about guns can be read in the foreword to Wayne LaPierre’s book, “Guns, Crime and Freedom” and also “NRA: An American Legend.”

Even in the tributes written by The New York Times and USA Today failed to mention Clancy’s dedication to this right-ring organization. The same went for a list of other liberal media outlets, including CNN, The Chicago Tribune, NBC News, ABC News, CBS News and also The Washington Post.

The only media to break the pact was Fox News, who mentioned that Clancy was a member of the NRA since 1978 and also a supporter of the Republican National Party. Additionally, Politico also highlighted this information.

Whether this slack-style reporting had to do with reporters simply covering the surface of Clancy’s death or whether it had a deeper relation to the media’s anti-gun sentiments is unknown. However, the bottom line is that media’s job is to report and let the public decide.

The NRA, who was silent on the issue, was likely disappointed. Although, it’s important to note that their website did highlight a tribute to the legendary writer. As a celebrated author and lifetime NRA member, this tribute notes a quote by Clancy, “I write about the courage it takes to really believe in something.”

Writer of hits such as “Clear and Present Danger,” “Patriot Games” and “The Hunt for Red October,” Clancy created dynamic, legendary characters such as Jack Ryan, John Clark, Ding Chavez and Jack Ryan, Jr. Highlighting thrilling military and political story lines, Clancy’s characters didn’t hesitate to defend their country, exercise the Second Amendment and even push the boundaries of the First Amendment’s Freedom of Speech.

Techna Clip would like to thank the late Mr. Clancy for his contributions to the NRA, the world of publishing and for deeply enriching the imaginations of readers worldwide.

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