While not all media outlets are liberal, and some are quite capable of presenting unbiased news with simply a basic presentation of the facts, there are others that have been caught with their greedy little hands in the cookie jar.

WSPA-TV, a CBS affiliate in Greenville-Spartanburg, South Carolina, recently reported on the Obama administration’s latest push for gun control measures. Instead of completing a non-partisan interview with the Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright, an overzealous reporter, inserting his own political opinions into the interview, suggested that the sheriff was partially, if not directly, to blame for the local increase in murders. Why? Because Sheriff Wright has been advising local citizens to apply for their concealed weapons permits and obtain the necessary training to utilize a weapon for personal safety and protection.

Again, Sheriff Wright never suggested anything illegal, but simply advised citizens to apply for a permit, which is a legal right to U.S. citizens. However, the reporter instead threw a dramatic spin – a liberal angle – that was simply a blow below the belt.

The station then proceeded to present a chart to Sheriff Wright suggesting that over the past three years, murders have increased, which is a direct correlation to Sheriff Wright issuing warnings and advice concerning concealed carry.

In fact, these numbers too were askew. Five of the 17 murders were ruled justifiable homicides, meaning that citizens drew their weapons to stop criminals who were engaging in violent criminal acts. These citizens were never charged with any crimes. Sheriff Wright, without missing a beat stated that he personally would be more than happy to take responsibility for the statistic that shows ordinary local citizens helped saved lives by using their concealed carry permits and concealed carry firearms.

The news station, without any scientific data to back up their blatantly liberal claims, was left unarmed, against a Sheriff who knew his facts. Additionally, Sheriff Wright believes the point of citizens carrying concealed weapons is to help protect themselves from becoming victims of violent crime, including assaults, rapes and home invasions.

The news station has a history of personally attacking Sheriff Wright’s concealed carry support views every time a weapon is used in self-defense. In fact, Sheriff Wright doesn’t flagrantly claim that everyone should own a weapon; he simply supports the privileges of citizens to exercise their personal rights for gun protection in the U.S.

Kudos to Sheriff Wright for his stance on personal protection and helping support America’s Second Amendment!

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