Known mainly as a superb of the sprawling city of Seattle, Washington, Kirkland is mostly known for Costco’s signature “Kirkland” namesake brand.

However, Washington State, traditionally a liberal state by King, Snohomish and Pierce counties, the areas surrounding Seattleites’ environmental stronghold, has recently experienced their fair share of controversial gun control issues. 

This story isn’t your stereotypical farmer supporting gun rights, but one of a young man, aged 23 years who recently started a moving organization, known as the “2nd Enforcers.” Mr. Jacob Kukuk is the founder of this nonprofit group that focuses on the right to protect and bear arms.

In fact, the Kirkland Police Department reported a significant increase in the number of concealed pistol license applications within the last several years. In 2010, citizens submitted a mere 272 license applications; 2011 saw an increase to 489 and last year saw applications increase to an astounding 874. That’s a 221-percent increase over a mere three-year-period. Coincidence? We think not. The grassroots movement is beginning; one that pledges to uphold the Constitutional commitments are forefathers so gravely handed down centuries ago.

Kukuk, a self confessed “stock piler” admits that over the last two years he has begun to collect weapons, all legally obtained. Kukuk states his beliefs have relatively little, if nothing, to do with President Obama’s stance on gun control. Instead he states, “We will not have our arms infringed, we the people will not allow it.”

As a software developer, this young adult created the 2nd Enforcers so that this small conservative group could band and join with other pro-Second Amendment rights advocates across the country. In fact, more than 100 militias have been formed in the hope to help protect human rights from a destructive government tyranny.

Would our forefathers be proud of Kukuk? The answer would be a resounding “yes.” As our forefathers fought against injustice and tyranny, they would support and be proud of this young man who is making a critical stand at such a young age – one where most 20-somethings are consumed with considering what bar to frequent.

Instead, Kukuk has helped develop and organize a movement in the ever-blue Washington State that has certainly raised some liberal eyebrows and caused a slow bubbling brew under the surface of the local legislature in Olympia.

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