A recently released video produced by the city of Houston, Texas has stirred up a lot of controversy. So far, the video which is posted on Youtube, has been viewed over 400,000 times. It is reported that city leaders and company owners across America are asking for permission to use the video to train their personnel.

Though it is definitely a bit depressing to think that society has come to this, it’s probably something we should have discussed right after the Columbine High School massacre of 1999. It’s not just important for adults either; it’s also something we should consider teaching school age children.

The video starts out ominously with eerie music playing as we watch a suspicious-looking man dressed in black, who is carrying a backpack, wearing sunglasses, and heading for a large office building. Inside the building, workers are going about their day in their usual manner and no one seems to notice when the suspicious guy enters the building. Next, he pulls a sawed-off shotgun from the backpack and begins to randomly shoot the workers.

Now we hear the narrator talking about the importance of having a solid plan in place if this should ever happen to you. The narrator outlines the Run, Hide, Fight approach and gives some detail about each plan.

Most of us have realized by now that the world has become a dangerous place and that we must protect ourselves if we are to survive. You can’t always count on the police getting there in time. Of course, this is a hot topic for gun owners and those who support Second Amendment rights. Sadly though, in most of the recent incidents where a shooter began randomly firing into a crowd, witnesses claimed that things happened so quickly within just a few moments, that no one really had time to react or even think about what they should do.

Each of us has a different reaction time, but most of us don’t expect a gunmen to begin firing at us when we are at a local store or theater. The shock of such an event takes time to process and our response time would be pretty slow unless someone in the crowd was in law enforcement.

The video says that if possible, workers should Run—quickly evacuate the building. If leaving is not an option, then they should Hide somewhere safe or barricade themselves inside a room. The last option, Fight, should only be used as a last resort. If there’s no other option, then fight for your life. Many gun advocates believe that if we are better armed and know how to use a weapon, then we have a better chance of surviving a tragedy like the Colorado theater shootings, but it’s hard to say how you would behave in a real shooting.

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