The month of July was dominated by the news story about the psychiatric patient that killed his caseworker and then turned his gun on his psychiatrist. The psychiatrist, grazed by a bullet the patient fired in his direction, fortunately had a gun and was able to fire back. In all, the mental patient, Richard Plotts, fired a shot to the caseworker’s face and several shots at Dr. Lee Silverman. Mr. Plotts had an extensive history of violence, gun arrests and mental healthy problems. Wrestled to the ground, Plotts had another 39 bullets on him, with police believing his intention was to use them.

In a case where life and death were uncertain, had Dr. Silverman saved an unknown numbers of lives – including his own – by having access to a personal firearm. Without his selfless act of heroism, the shooter would have likely killed other people in the mental facility.

This begs the question: should medical personnel be able to conceal carry weapons when working with patients that have violent assault and gun arrest histories? While Plotts survived the ordeal and surgery, he will now have to face the court system and the murder of caseworker Barbara Hunt and the attempted murder of Dr. Silverman.

Unfortunately, the mental hospital prohibits any personnel from carrying weapons, except on-duty law enforcement officers. The hospital is thankful to Dr. Silverman for his heroic actions, but it is still unclear what will happen when he returns. The hospital did issue a release that said, “[W]e look forward to Dr. Silverman’s return to serving patients at our hospital.”

Fortunately, Dr. Silverman had a gun in his pocket and was immediately able to disengage the confrontation before more people were killed or injured.

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