With the holidays just around the corner, many loved ones are realizing how difficult it is to shop for outdoor enthusiasts and gun lovers. Usually these types of family or friends have nearly every gismo and gadget under the sun. Instead of stressing this year, this article highlights two excellent gift ideas for gun owners that have nearly every accessory or gun imaginable.

Gun Belt Clip

Not your standard gun clip, Techna Clip offers an innovative type of holster that is bulk-free, easy to conceal, super lightweight and installs within mere seconds. Quick to draw, this gun belt clip requires no modification, making it the ideal accessory for concealed carry.  They offer an array of products, including those designed to fit Glock models 17, 19, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 and 36. Their latest addition is the Sig Sauer P938 that features flat grip plates. Other popular sellers include the Smith & Wesson, Ruger LCP 380 belt clip, Sig P238 belt clip and the ever-in-demand Ruger LC9 belt clip.

Techna Clip also offers other accessories, including Snake Eyes Tritum Night Sights for the Glock, LCP trigger guard, Glock trigger guard for models 19 and 23, Bodyguard trigger guard, Glock trigger guard for models 26 and 27, binding post and screw replacements, bumper stickers, and gun cleaning cloths and kits.

Shooting Spree at South Dakota Indoor Range

For gun lovers looking for the ultimate shooting experienced, Rapid City, South Dakota, offers nearly ever firearm imaginable. For people with detailed bucket lists, the Smoking Gun Range & Training Center offers visitors the ability to legally shoot nearly any weapon of their choice.

In the safety of this facility, visitors can shoot machine guns or even pick up an antique Tommy Gun, which was a favorite of John Dillinger and Al Capone during the 1920’s mobster days.  Additionally, a 1928 M1-A1 Thompson submachine gun is also available, costing visitors a mere $1 a round.

Kim Smith, the owner of this unique establishment, spent nearly $1 million dollars ensuring that the building was to code and ready to undertake this dynamic indoor shooting range. The range features 12 different 25-yard firing lanes that are all up-to-code with sound reduction, filtered air, lighted range-finders, bullet-proof glass between lanes and a target system that sends and receives paper targets. The backside features half-inch steel, in addition to a small tunnel that exhausts the shots before sending bullets to recycling.

Handguns are available for rent and sale, as well as handgun accessories. The range focuses on protection and self-defense for the first-time gun owner, but offers perks for those looking to expand their shooting repertoire.