The summertime features cooler fabrics and less clothing, which mean it is important to alter concealed handgun carry methods to accommodate warmer temperatures.

Techna Clip offers helpful tips for effectively carrying concealed gun belt clips. When it is warm outside, stay cool and armed with the following attire tips.

  1. Clothing – Wear looser-fitting clothing that is stylish and simple. Consider choosing cotton, linen, rayon or light colors to help offset summertime heat.
  2. Waistband – Instead of concealed carrying inside the waistband, considering carrying outside the waistband or in pockets, as this allows for more form fitting clothing.
  3. Firearm Size – Opt for a slightly smaller firearm in the summertime. This is a good opportunity for concealed carry gun owners to switch from the standard LC9 belt clip to the Sig P238 belt clip. Downsize gun size to avoid having to wear bulky, warm coats. Today’s LCP 380 and 9mm guns contain lightweight alloy or light polymer frames. Practice regularly with firearms to see what model and type is most comfortable, especially for quick-draw concealed carry.
  4. Pocket Carry – Consider carrying guns in larger pockets. It is important to pick a suitable firearm. Use a Techna Clip holster to keep guns safely concealed and securely in place. Pocket carrying can be more challenging than regular holster carrying, which is why it’s recommended to practice drawing weapons regularly to make sure shooters are smooth, fluid and efficient with their movements. When practicing pocket carry, only use the pocket for a concealed weapon. Avoid putting any other items in pockets, such as keys, wallets, coins, monetary bills or cell phones, as this can make it more difficult to pull a weapon, should a self-defense situation arise.
  5. Fanny Pack – For long trips or in tourist vacation areas, a fanny pack may be a good temporary solution for concealed carry.
  6. Open Carry – Most states allow open carry and while it is not ideal, it may be the only option available in certain situations. Use a holster to secure the weapon. Always check local and state regulations before assuming concealed carry is legal or appropriate.
  7. Heavy Concealment – There are a wide variety of holsters available on the market, including bra holsters, bellybands and appendix carry pouches. These can be ineffective in emergencies, as they require shooters get past clothing to obtain their concealed weapons. Studies show that life-and-death situations give people an average of 1.5 seconds to react. Regularly practice dry firing with weapons to ensure the highest level of comfort, aim and accuracy.

Rotating seasonal concealed carry guns is recommended for people who regularly practice concealed carry. It is important to frequently practice with guns. Even though handguns may be similar in size and shape, each weapon fires differently and it is important to have fluid movements when reacting to emergency scenarios.

Techna Clip is not responsible for the concealed carry tips presented in this article. These are simply recommendations and suggestions. Techna Clip bears no liability or responsibility should these tips result in harmful bodily injury(s). Techna Clip is hereby held harmless from the information contained in this article.